Two Player Mode

As a travel hacker, it’s wonderful to open up new credit cards and earn large sign up bonuses. However, just imagine if you could double up on those sign up bonuses. That’s where two player mode comes into the picture.

The Benefits of Two Player mode can be really great. Imagine the possibilities for more travel savings.
Two Player Mode

The Value of Two Travel Hacking Players

If you have a spouse, partner or family member, they too, can sign up for their own cards to earn additional points. Some credit card companies, Chase is one example, will allow you to pool your points into one account. This makes it easier than ever to book and pay for travel with points.

With this strategy, one person or both, can be earning the same types of points. Just as easily, one person can earn transferable points while one can focus on racking up airline miles and or hotel points. Of course, there are many variations of how you can earn points and miles.

One Great Benefit

The beauty of two player mode is that the other person does not have to dive into travel hacking in the same way you would. You help them sign up for the right cards based on your own knowledge and travel goals. Then, you can handle how to use the points earned strategically to get the most out of them.

I’m slowly trying to bring my husband, Ed, on board with travel hacking. He has no interest in this hobby but sees how I’m doing my traveling using points and miles. He also sees how very little cash I spend out of pocket. I know that hecertainly appreciates the cost savings of this hobby.

Bringing Someone on Board

About a year ago when Ed asked me about American Airlines credit cards. He flies American Airlines a lot for business and wanted the benefits of one of the airline’s credit cards. Specifically, he wanted to get free baggage and earn a sign up bonus and more miles.

Together, we chose the Aadvantage Aviator Red World Elite MasterCard from Barclay’s . While it had a $75 annual fee (note the fee is now $95), he only needed to make one purchase to earn the 60,000 miles sign up bonus. Please note that the current sign up bonus has dropped to 50,000 miles. What a great way to quickly earn enough points for a free round trip airfare.

Getting Creative

Perhaps you have adult children who could benefit from two player mode. There are many young (and older too) couples who are strategically opening credit cards. They do this to earn enough points and miles to fund lavish honeymoons and vacations that they would otherwise never be able to afford.

Travel doesn’t have to be exotic or lavish to bring great joy to the traveler. Perhaps you’ve got a good friend or family member who lives quite far from you. How wonderful would it be to take a trip to go spend time with that person? Two player mode can really increase the enjoyment you can have traveling with points and miles.

Who do you have in your life who can join in the fun of this hobby? Comment down below.

Published by Lisa Joy Phillips

I have a passion for Travel Hacking using Points and Miles to Travel for Pennies on the Dollar.

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  1. Hi Lisa! Good info and well-presented. Like your website and blog. Keep the ideas coming.
    What do you think is the “least restrictive domestic airline?” Is it Southwest, since they don’t charge for changes or checked bags? Thanks!

    1. Sharon,
      You’re on to something with Southwest Airlines. They are one of the easiest airlines to deal with in that they don’t charge for changes, cancellations or checked bags. That being said, Southwest is not for everyone due to how they handle seat assignment in that it is first come first served based on when one checks in online for the flight. I personally love flying Southwest and especially love their friendly staff.

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