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Recently, I released my free Travel Expert Summit into the world. Click Here to access it. I interviewed 15 different World Travel Experts to ask them one question: “What’s the easiest way to save money on travel?” I learned so many affordable travel tips.The Experts’ answers included so many different ways that they, and you, can start saving money on travel.

Featured Travel Experts

What I loved so much about spending time with and interviewing these Experts is that they each come to travel with their own unique perspectives. Some of us are frugal by nature and want to wring every possible saving out of our travels. Others like a bit of luxury but don’t want to break the bank traveling in style. Mindset plays a role in the answers from many of our Experts too. Making memories is a big part of travel. You’ll hear some wonderful stories from the Travel Experts as well.

Types of Travel Experts

If you love to travel solo, we’ve got a couple of experts for you. Love to take cruises? I’ve got that covered as well. How about the world of train travel? Check! Maybe you’ve got some aspirational destinations on your Bucket List. You’ll find information on that here as well.

I’ve got Travel Hacking experts and an expert who knows the ins and outs of the best affordable destinations to visit around the globe. And, if hitting the open road in an RV is your thing or totally free stays in someone else’s home is for you, you’ll find this in the Travel Expert Summit as well. I’ve also got you covered if you travel as a family with young children.

The Bottom Line

Please take the time to check out The Travel Expert Summit. It is well worth your time to learn affordable travel tips and tricks from such knowledgeable people.

Please scroll down and leave me a comment about your aha moment or best takeaway from The Travel Expert Summit

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