My Podcast Interview on Swipe!

Just a quick post to give you the link to my podcast interview on Swipe! the Podcast. Host, Polly Bauer, invited me to talk about Travel Hacking. There was a lot of information to discuss. I was thrilled to be interviewed to share my Travel Hacking insights. Note that there are two back to back episodes. Number 77 and Number 78.

Click on the Swipe! Logo to listen to Part One; Episode #77 Podcast Here:

Click the Swipe! Logo to listen to Part Two; Episode #78 Podcast Here:

Topics Discussed

As this is a short form podcast, I couldn’t possibly share everything I know about the world of travel rewards points and miles. We talked about who this hobby is for and the definition of Travel Hacking. As well, we discussed how travel hackers use credit cards. Next, I shared a detailed description of the types and uses for points and miles. This was just some of what we talked about.

Please do take the time to listen as I’m sure you’ll learn a lot about this great hobby. Share this post with family and friends. The sooner they learn about the value of earning points and miles, the sooner they can start to save on their travels. Than you for taking the time to listen to my podcast interview on Swipe!

Published by Lisa Joy Phillips

I have a passion for Travel Hacking using Points and Miles to Travel for Pennies on the Dollar.

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