Avoid These Three Mistakes

There are predictable steps when getting into the Travel Hacking hobby. Ideally first you pick your travel destination. Next, you apply for the credit card that makes the best strategic sense for your travel goals. Then, you use that new shiny credit card or two or three (!!) To earn the points you’ll need to […]

The Trip That Got Me Hooked

So you’re beginning to think that maybe Travel Hacking with points and miles might be just the thing to save you some money on your future travels. Maybe you’re wondering what the miles and points you earn could be worth to you. I’ll start by saying that since everyone has different travel goals, the value […]

How to Meet Credit Card Minimum Spending Requirements

One of the great things about Travel Hacking is the ability to earn a large sign up bonus of points or miles when you apply for a new travel credit card. The question of how to meet credit card minimum spending requirements comes up a lot from people new to the hobby. The credit card […]